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Spider mites are a form of arachnid, which means they are related to spiders, ticks, and scorpions. Some species can spin silk webs to protect and lay their eggs in. They generally live in undersides of plants and leaves and can puncture the cells on a plant to feed. They thrive in warm, dry places and fixate on houseplants by eating, causing damage to them.


Red, brown, yellow, or green


0.04 of an inch, almost impossible to see


Summer and fall


How to identify spider mites

Since spider mites are particularly small and difficult to spot, the only way to identify them is through the physical damage they cause. Some things to search for include: tiny white or yellow spots on top of tree leaves and needles, silky webs woven around tree leaves/stems, and a yellow bronze appearance in one or many areas of the plant.

Structural Damage

Damage caused by spider mites

Structural damage to your home is less of an issue with spider mites, whereas house plant damage is more likely to occur. House plants may have bites or holes in their leaves, which means they are infested with these tiny spiders.

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Need help with spider mites? Call us and we'll find a solution right away!


4.9 / 5 stars


How Empire Pest Control tackles a spider mite infestation

Pesticides and miticides are the best options in completely removing the spider mites from your plants around your home. We would spray all plants in and around your property, as spider mites nest and populate frequently.

What does it cost for us to treat spider mites?

We believe in being transparent about our pricing. We are happy to give you a more detailed quote, but these prices are our standard for spider mites treatment.

$125 to $165
initial treatment
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