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Moles are small animals who spend most of their lives underground. If you are noticing those annoying mounds of dirt in your lawn, Empire Pest and Wildlife Control is the place to call. We physically remove the moles with proven trapping methods that will help you enjoy your lawn to the fullest.


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How to identify moles

If you see shallow tunnels just below the ground, you might have moles. Mole hills are ridged, and if you push on them they will often cave in a bit. Moles themselves have long, tube-like bodies with velvet fur. Their eyes and ears are very small, and their front legs have large paws that they use to dig. The mole’s natural habitat is wooded areas but they are very comfortable in residential yards and farm fields as well.

Lawn Damage

Damage caused by moles

Mole tunnels can kill your grass by leaving its roots exposed. They cause uneven grass, damaging the integrity of your lawn. Molehills and mole ridges spoil lawns and flower beds while their tunneling damages the roots of young plants and exposes stones that can damage lawn equipment. They can also be a tripping hazard—since mole hills and tunnels cave in easily.

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Need help with moles? Call us and we'll find a solution right away!


4.9 / 5 stars


How Empire Pest Control tackles a mole infestation

Empire Pest & Wildlife uses traps to remove moles from your lawn. Empire also offers a seasonal guarantee for mole treatments. The seasonal guarantee is an optional program that offers homeowners a mole-free lawn until the first snowfall of the season. Contact Empire Pest & Wildlife Control to learn more about the seasonal guarantee!

What does it cost for us to treat moles?

We believe in being transparent about our pricing. We are happy to give you a more detailed quote, but these prices are our standard for moles treatment.

$150 - $300 Service Fee
initial treatment
$50 - $75 Per Animal Removed
follow up treatment
30 Day Guarantee
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