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Ticks are parasitic arachnids that are small, blood-sucking machines. They’re most attracted to people and their four-legged pets. Ticks latch onto the mammal and sucks the blood leaving a bite. This bite does not cause symptoms, but can cause allergic reactions or can pass diseases from one body to another, that can be dangerous or be deadly.


Brown, reddish-brown, or black


1/8 of an inch long


Spring and summer


How to identify ticks

The most common sign of identifying a tick is a white dot on the female’s dorsal shield. When ticks latch onto their victim, they start from the bottom of the leg heading upward towards the body, wandering until they find a good, particularly warm spot to feed. Bites will look like small dark spots on the body. Ticks almost always come from the outdoors, so it is important to be aware when spending time outside.

Health Concerns

Damage caused by ticks

Damage from ticks can affect the health of humans and animals. When a tick feeds, they can transmit salivary toxins which can cause paralysis. If the same tick bites an infected dog and then bites a human, it can cause Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever in the human. If ticks are transported into the home, they can easily reproduce and could potentially become an indoor infestation.

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Need help with ticks? Call us and we'll find a solution right away!


4.9 / 5 stars


How Empire Pest Control tackles a tick infestation

We would start with preventative measures from the outside of the home, to attack the tick problem at the source. We would then spray your land with insecticides to make sure your yard is most safe from these ticks. You can now enjoy the outdoors without worrying of them latching onto you or bringing them inside of the house! If the tick infestation escalates indoors, we will then inspect your house, animals, and warm or wet areas and fumigate if we deem necessary.

What does it cost for us to treat ticks?

We believe in being transparent about our pricing. We are happy to give you a more detailed quote, but these prices are our standard for ticks treatment.

$65.00 per 1/2 acre parcel or less
initial treatment
60 Day Guarantee
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