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Fleas are an ectoparasite, meaning “external parasite”. Fleas feed on the blood of animals, from mice to humans. They are carriers of disease for both humans and animals. If you have fleas, get them under control as quickly as possible before the infestation continues to spread! We provide a 60-day guarantee on our flea treatments, and we’re here to help.


Brown, black, or reddish


1.5 - 3.2mm (¼ to ⅛ in)


Primarily summer-fall in Michigan


How to identify fleas

Fleas are tiny, shiny, and reddish-brown in color. They have no wings, but can jump long distances proportionate to their bodies. They are sleek creatures with tiny microscopic hairs that allow them to move quickly through the fur of their hosts. To check for fleas, use a flea comb or a flat object to separate the fur or hair so you can view the skin close up. If you see small, brown, black, or red specks that move, you’ve likely got fleas.

Health Issues

Damage caused by fleas

Flea bites can be incredibly itchy and make your life or your pet’s life miserable. In addition, fleas can cause various health issues, both to your family and your pets. Many people and animals are allergic to fleas, causing moderate to severe allergic reactions when bitten. They can also carry several diseases that can affect humans—such as marine typhus or tapeworms.

Excellent service Terry's a great guy

Jason G.

Empire does a great job with keeping our office bug free! They always have a smile on their face and aren't just weird bug guys! =)

Shelly J.

WOW! These guys are really awesome! Tons of knowledge about insects, excellent service and reasonable prices. No wonder they made the BEST of Holland within their first year or service! Watch out other local pest control companies, there is a new bug guy in town!!!!

Clark D.

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Need help with fleas? Call us and we'll find a solution right away!


4.9 / 5 stars


How Empire Pest Control tackles a flea infestation

We will provide a detailed instruction checklist on what to do before your scheduled treatment. Proper preparation is essential to ensure the most effective results. Once you have prepared your home, we will perform a chemical treatment that is designed to eradicate the fleas completely.

What does it cost for us to treat fleas?

We believe in being transparent about our pricing. We are happy to give you a more detailed quote, but these prices are our standard for fleas treatment.

$155 to $190
initial treatment
60 Day Guarantee
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